Healthy Start Flyer

Counseling Services

Center for Human Services
(209) 526-1440 

Children's Crisis Center
(209) 577-4413 

Family Support Network
(209) 847-5121 

Havens Women's Center
(209) 577-5980 

Parents United
(209) 524-4858 

Sierra Vista Children's Center
(209) 523-4573 

Stanislaus Behavioral Health Center (SBHC)
(209) 525-6205 

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Center for Human services (Substance Use Program)
(209) 526-1440 

Stanislaus Recovery Center
(209) 525-7411 

Nirvana Drug and Alcohol Treatment
(209) 579-1151 

24 hour Crisis Line

Child Abuse/Neglect (CPS)
(800) 558-3665 

Adult Protective Services
(800) 336-4316 

Emergency Mental Health Services
(209) 558-4600 

Hutton House (Youth Crisis Line)
(209) 526-5544

Poison Control
(800) 972-3323 

National Youth Crisis Line
(800) 843-2000 


Riverbank Christian Food Sharing
(209) 869-3710 

Oakdale Community Sharing
(209) 847-3401 

Gospel Mission Modesto
(209) 529-8259 

Interfaith Ministries
(209) 572-3117 

Salvation Army
(209) 523-7577 

(209) 558-5142 

Women , Infants and Children
(209) 558-7377 

United Samaritans (Turlock)
(209) 668-4853 

Housing and Shelter

Community Housing and Shelter Services
(209) 527-0444 

Gospel Mission
(209) 529-8259 

Youth Navigation Center
(209) 526-1476 

Women's Haven Center
(209) 577-5980 

Housing Authority Of Stanislaus County
(209) 557-2000 

American Red Cross
(209) 523-6451 

Healthy Start

Healthy Start was established at Thomas Downey High School in 1997.  The program is intended to address the needs of Downey’s students and families by providing an abundance of services and support that reduce barriers to learning.  Healthy Start focuses on improved academic achievement, improved student and family health and well being, improved parenting skills development, and personal development.  The mission of Healthy Start is “to improve the well being of children, families, and communities.”

Daniel Villegas, M. Ed.
(209) 574-1632

Healty Head

"Providing Support to Promote Student Success"

Healthy people

Programs and Services 

Case Management 

Assessment of student and family needs. Provide students and families support in accessing community resources so they are better able to focus on their personal, academic and career goals. 

Mental Health Counseling and Support 

On-site individual, family, crisis intervention, and group counseling services are provided by our Student Assistant Specialist. Support groups on a variety of topics are offered upon request and in response to student needs. 

Substance Abuse Counseling 

SU counseling is provided on-site for students as well as prevention education and referrals to outside agencies. 

Referrals for Health Care and Basic Needs Assistance 

Healthy Start assists students and families in accessing local resources for medical, dental, vision care as well as basic needs services (i.e. food, shelter, clothing, transportation, emergency financial assistance). 

Tutoring, Mentoring & Dropout Prevention 

Healthy Start staff links students to appropriate academic resources such as academic counseling, after school tutoring, TRIO and Link Crew. 

Emergency Student Assistance 

Healthy Start provides emergency clothing, food boxes, school supplies and bus passes for students in need. 

A small clothes closet and food pantry is also maintained on-site to assist students who need warm clothes, food and personal hygiene products.

All Services are Free and Confidential 

Assistance in Spanish is available 

Hablamos Español 

If you would like more information about our services, or you are in a crisis situation and would like to see a Student Assistance Specialist please contact Downey Healthy Start at (209) 574-1632. If a student expresses a desire to hurt themselves, please contact an administrator or Healthy Start immediately, we will respond quickly.